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Saint Award Nominations
Please use this form to nominate fellow students for the following Saint Awards. Write the first and last name of the student from our Newman Center whom you wish to nominate. ***NOTE: PRIESTS, SISTERS, AND VOLUNTEER MISSIONARIES ARE INELIGIBLE FOR NOMINATIONS***
Prayer was part of St. Pope John Paul II’s life from a very young age. At seven, the boy became an altar server, attending mass and saying morning prayer before school each day. As a priest, bishop, and Pope, He spent 2-3 hours or more every day in front of the blessed sacrament and had a strong devotion to Mary and the communion of saints. His intense prayer life is directly linked to his success as head of the Church. This student’s strong prayer life is a witness to their strong faith. This student frequently spends time with Christ in prayer, is quick to pray for others, and seeks counsel from God in all aspects of life.
Saint Albert the Great studied and taught at some of the great universities of Europe in the 1200s. He was considered an expert in biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geography, metaphysics, and mathematics, as well as Biblical studies and theology. He had a strong desire for knowledge and glorified God through his studies as well as lead many to Christ through an intellectual route. He was one of St.Thomas of Aquinas’ teachers. He is a Doctor of the Church and the patron saint of scientists and students. This student embodies “student for Christ” and works hard to glorify God through their study. They make good use of their time in order to honor their vocation as a student and they desire to serve the Lord through their education.
Saint Zita was a domestic servant for a wealthy family. While some saw this as a lowly position, she saw it as a way to serve God. She often gave her own food to those poorer than herself. She served with her heart and served so well that she was eventually placed in charge of the house and entrusted with its keys by her master. She took advantage of every opportunity to serve others as a way to serve the Lord. This student exemplifies christian service and is always willing to give of their time and talents, in big ways and in small ways. They are reliable and joyful in their service and see it as an opportunity to serve God.
St. Mary Magdalene was the “apostle to the apostles”. She was the first eyewitness to the risen Christ and was the first one to bear witness to him before the Apostles. She was the first “new evangelizer” who brought Christ to those who had forgotten him. Her deep love and conviction for Jesus compelled her to preach his message without fear of rejection or death. This student has a love for bringing others to Christ or back to Christ and sharing the Catholic faith. They find opportunities in everyday moments to witness and evangelize, and they do it with joy and zeal out of love for the Lord.
St. Philip Neri was, from a young age, know for his joyful and pleasant disposition. He attracted many people through his personable way of interacting. After his conversion he dedicated his life to sharing Christ with others. He would often stand on street corners and strike up conversations with strangers. His joyous faith inspired many to convert. After an encounter with the Holy Spirit He experienced a swelling of his heart. This student possesses the virtue of joy and is known by many for their friendly, positive, and personal interactions. They have a big heart and share the risen Christ’s love with others through their joy, excitement, and hope.